Manuel Cervera Playing Guitar


Cinematic Piano Drama

Cinematic Piano Drama is a collection of compositions featuring piano, strings, percussion and sound design elements. The key moods represented in this album are those of doubt, desperation and hope.

  1. Affirmative Conflicting Thoughts
  2. Intriguing Discovery
  3. Liberation
  4. Decisive Move
  5. Dense Travel
  6. Sadness and Drama
  7. Uncertain Awakening
  8. Driven By Hope
  9. Unsatisfied Longing
  10. Uncomfortable Truths
Cinematic Piano Drama

Piano Diaries

Contemporary understanded & atmospheric piano tracks.

  1. Liberated Lives
  2. In Search of Certainty
  3. At the End of the Winding Road
  4. Neutral Emotions
  5. The Long And the Unwound Path
  6. Calm Lucidity
  7. The Understanding of the Memory Reassures Me
  8. Gloomy Autumn
  9. Looking Through the Half Open Window
  10. Inconsequential Moments
  11. Remembered Childhood
  12. Moments of Dull Sadness
Piano Diaries Minimalism

Small Great Lights

Small Great Lights is a collection of mesmerizing piano movements intertwined with soaring strings and playful melodic percussion covering a wide pallet of emotions all with a gently epic feel.

  1. Small Great Lights
  2. In the Carnival
  3. Delayed Dialogues
  4. Joyful Assertiveness
  5. Loftiness
  6. More than the Happy Dignity
  7. Consistent Way
  8. The Joyous Meeting
  9. Uplifting Swing
  10. Not a real song, but…
  11. Almost a Glorious Arrival
  12. The Expected Change
  13. Pledge
Small Great Lights Orchestral Contemporary

Distant Light

Distant Light is a collection of beautifully minimalistic piano tracks with a light calming ambience.

  1. Distant Light
  2. Intimate Draw
  3. Little Movement
  4. So Meaningful
  5. Vibrant Room
  6. If The Desire Is Not Stronger
  7. Leaving Everything Before
  8. Softer
  9. Memories Drift Away
  10. The Reunion Of Those Who Love Each Other
  11. That Which Means Something
  12. As Tiny As Greatness
Distant Light Minimalist Piano

Minimal Gnossiennes

Minimal Gnossiennes is a collection of minimalistic modernist arrangements of famous classical piano compositions by French composer Erik Satie. Each of the Trois Gnossiennes comes in three different variations accompanied by some warm crackling noise from a felt piano, giving these old beloved classics a contemporary twist.

  1. Minimal Gnossienne No. 1 Var. 1
  2. Minimal Gnossienne No. 1 Var. 2
  3. Minimal Gnossienne No. 1 Var. 3
  4. Minimal Gnossienne No. 2 Var. 1
  5. Minimal Gnossienne No. 2 Var. 2
  6. Minimal Gnossienne No. 2 Var. 3
  7. Minimal Gnossienne No. 3 Var. 1
  8. Minimal Gnossienne No. 3 Var. 2
  9. Minimal Gnossienne No. 3 Var. 3

In Perfect Motion Piano

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  1. In Perfect Motion
  2. The River That Takes Me Home
  3. The Expected Human Hug
  4. The Feelings Are Stronger Than Before
  5. The Return Of What Has Meaning
  6. The Lovers Caress
  7. The Crossing
  8. The Start Of The Expected Day
  9. Slight Greatness
  10. Together We Are Happier
  11. Who Looks Through The Window
  12. My Days Are All The Same
In Perfect Motion Piano Minimalism

Dark Calm

Dark Calm is a collection of beautifully minimalistic piano tracks with a calmingly dark ambience.

  1. Nebula
  2. Dark Calm
  3. Uncertain Place
  4. Abyss
  5. Profound
  6. Gloominess
  7. Distant
  8. Obscurity
  9. Quiescence
  10. Unaccountable
  11. The Wait
  12. Unanswered
Dark Calm Sad Piano

Ambient & Documentary Vol.1

Lonely Piano Instrumentals

  1. The Forgotten Sea
  2. Abandonement
  3. Little Joys
  4. My Forgotten Secret
  5. Nice Little Memories
  6. The Long Quiet Beach
  7. The Worn Garden
  8. Velvety
  9. Window to the Sea
  10. Sand on the Feet
  11. The Abandoned Piano
  12. The Aimless
Ambient and Documentary Piano